About Selina Walker

Selina Walker is a Canadian brand strategist, designer and artist living and working in Costa Rica.

During her formal art education at OCAD Art & Design University she was drawn to creating art with meaning: thinking critically about pressing issues, challenging the mainstream narrative and translating her perspective through metaphor and visual form. While her days of artistic activism are over, she continues to search for deep meaning in her branding projects, pulling out key information from strategy sessions that can be translated beautifully into a visual brand, highlighting her client’s uniqueness, strengths and heart.

Selina’s passion for entrepreneurship, technical expertise & innate creative gifts allow her to support her clients through their online business journey from brand creation, to website launch and beyond.

Selina lives in Costa Rica with her son, Noah, their cat and 2 street dogs. In her spare time, she loves to explore the vast nature of Costa Rica, nurture creativity with watercolors, attend wellness events and learn about personal development and business.

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